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Meet our 2023 Officers


2023 Officers

Left to Right: Maddie Dawson (Secretary); Charlie Brockman (Vice President); Cameron Burgess (President); 

Carter Nelson (Community Service Officer); Wyatt Smith (Conservation Officer)

Meet our 2023 Anglers

Charlie Brockman (SAF)

Charlie's love for fishing was inspired by his dad. His favorite baits include a chatter bait and​ a swim bait. While Charlie prefers to fish shallow waters, he will fish anywhere. He currently plans on attending a trade school after high school to become a welder. He will continue to fish in Ohio and Kentucky leagues once he ages out of the club.

Member since 2021

Colton Bryan (SAF)

Colton has been fishing since he was 3 years old at his grandpa's pond. He instantly fell in love and has been fishing anywhere he can get the chance since. He can't wait to fish in his first tourname0nt and hopes to start a bass fishing team at his high school. His favorite baits are Texas rigs, top water popper, and jerk baits. H​e loves fishing in Michigan, Lake Cumberland, and Canada for pike, walleye, smallmouth and largemouth. 

Member since 2023

Cameron Burgess (SAF)

CYB Awards
2020 TBF Angler of the Year
2019 TBF Angler of the Year

Cameron started fishing at a very young age with his dad, grandp​a and cousins and loves the sport. He also fishes as a co-angler with the Cincinnati Bassmasters, an adult club, where he was the 2020 Rookie of the year. Cameron is a Junior in High School, currently enrolled in the​ Fire Academy at Butler Tech. He plans to pursue a career as a Firefighter / Paramedic after college.

Member since 2017

Kase Cribbet (TBF)

Kase started fishing when he was 2 with his dad. By the time he was 7, he had saved up all his birthday money and bought his first jon boat. He asks to go fishing every day and loves bank fishing at farm pond​s the most. His largest catch so far is a 5 foot hammerhead shark. His favorite bait is a wacky work and he plans to fish professionally when he is older or run a charger fishing company in Florida. 

Member since 2023

Jagger Curts (SAF)

Jagger has had a love for fishing since he received his first Spider-Man rod at the age of 3. He enjoys checking out new lakes and exploring cre​eks everywhere. CYB has made it possible for him to leave land and l​earn to fish from a boat, and he's loved every moment of it!

Member since 2021

Maddie Dawson (TBF)

CYB Awards
2021 Rookie of the Year

Maddie started fishing when she was 3 years old and has been addicted ever since. She enjoys volunteering for activities with CYB and is always excited to help other girls develop a love for bass fishing​. Her goal is to someday fish with the Elites and help break the stigma that fishing is for the boys. Maddie's favorite baits are top water frogs and lipless cranks.

Member since 2021

Gideon Fleisher (TBF)

Gideon has been hunting and fishing most of his life. His fishing addiction started when he was three years old at his farm pond. Since then Gideon has had the unique opportunity to fish in many different bodies of water, but his favorite spot is Lake St. Claire. He enjoys trying out numerous baits to see what the fish like at different locations. Gideon also likes to bow fish for fun and has been practicing in his home ponds and creek. This is his first year in the club and he can't wait to get some events under his belt and make awesome friends along the way.

Member since 2023

Max Hilgeman (SAF)

Max has been fishing with his grandfather, Dave Ryberg, since he was little. He enjoys fishing at Hidden Valley Lake and Lake St. Clair. His favorite lures are jigs and deep diving crank baits.

Member since 2019

Nate Kelly (SAF)

Nate has grown his passion for the sport of bass fishing since a very young age when he first started fishing his grandpa's pond. He is always finding ways to learn and teach to better improve his fishing skills. Some of his favorite baits to throw include Chatterbaits, Jigs, Swimbaits, Top Water, Shakey Heads, Ned Rigs and many more. When Nate is not fishing, he is at sporting games leading the student section. Currently a senior at Mason High School and he plans to continue to fish at the collegiate level next year.

Member since 2023

Jack Langefels (SAF)

Jack started fishing at an early age at a neighborhood lake. The bigger the fish, the more he was hooked! His favorite baits include Texas rigs and jigs. He has even carved some lures of his own.

Member since 2021

Carter Nelson (SAF)

Carter grew up fishing farm ponds in Northern KY with his dad and grandpa, but really found his own passion for fishing at 12. Once he caught those first few bass, he couldn’t get enough and started fishing any chance he could get. Big or small he doesn’t care, as long as he’s bringing fish in the boat. To him, the little fish make the big bites that much more exciting! He loves the smack when a big bass hits a topwater buzzbait. When not fishing, Carter also likes to hunt and play sports.

Member since 2023

Anthony Ortiz (TBF)

Anthony is an avid bass angler with hopes of making a career of it in tournament fishing and sports marketing/PR. He has launched "Angling with Ant," a fishing YouTube channel with a goal of growing youth interest in the sport. His favorite lures include senkos, buzz baits, and lipless crank baits.

Member since 2022

Aden Russelburg (SAF)

Aden has been interested in fishing from the moment he received his first Spiderman pole and tackle kit at 2 1/2 years old. A dream of his would be to own his own boat and travel all over the country to fish. His favorite baits are buzz baits, wacky rigs and Texas rigs.

Member since 2022

Hunter Saylor (TBF)

Hunter has been fishing from a young age. He loves to fish and hunt. When he's not fishing, he's watching Fishing YouTube videos. His favorite baits are crank baits, football head jigs, top water and wacky rigs. Hunter's favorite fishing spot is Chickamauga Lake and that's where he caught his largest large mouth bass weighing 10 lbs 5 oz.

Member since 2023

Wesley Sexton (TBF)

Wesley has loved fishing since he was 3 years old. He looks for every opportunity to go fishing. After he learned how to use a bait caster reel, he will never looked back, and refuses to use any other type. His favorite lures include Yamamoto and Zoom baits. He plans on returning to CYB when he ages out of the club to volunteer as a boat captain.

Member since 2021

Wyatt Smith (TBF)

CYB Awards
2022 Rookie of the Year

Wyatt has been fishing since he was 3 years old. He has learned everything he knows about fishing from his grandfathers. Wyatt’s favorite lures are sankos and water baits. His favorite equipment includes SLX DC and SLC Bait Casters.

Member since 2022

Ryan Spencer (SAF)

CYB Awards
2021 TBF Angler of the Year

Ryan has been fishing for seven years and is excited to begin his third year with CYB. He has a real passion for this sport and hopes to be able to continue it in college. Ryan's favorite bait to use is a ned rig.

Member since 2020

Dawson Sult (TBF)

Dawson started fishing at age 4 with his grandfather with a Spiderman pole and immediately developed a love of the sport. After a few years of bobber fishing for bluegills his grandfather introduced him to casting for Bass and he was in, hook line and sinker. Camping trips have become all day fishing trips and no matter rain or shine or 28 degree temps if there is water and a pole Dawson is casting for the big one.

Member since 2023

Eli Trenkamp (TBF)

CYB Awards
2022 TBF Angler of the Year

Eli is an angler from Ross Township, Ohio who has loved fishing since he was very young. He spends his springs and summers at Norris Lake where he has been reeling in bass since he was big enough to hold a fishing rod.

Member since 2021

Jaxon Waits (TBF)

Jaxon caught his first bass when he was 2 years old, growing up in Verona, KY raised on a pond. He has always had a love and the patience for fishing, not typical for kids his age. He loves saltwater charter fishing as much as bass fishing and loves turkey and deer hunting as well.

Member since 2021

Max Williams (TBF)

Max is an angler from Amelia, Ohio who loves fishing, hunting, playing baseball and video games. He loves fishing top water, and will fish anywhere that the fish are biting.

Member since 2021

Evan Zeinner (TBF)

Evan has been bass fishing since he was young and has developed a passion for it. He loves fishing tournaments with his dad. Lake St. Clair and Lake Okeechobee are his favorite places to fish. His goal is to fish competitively through high school then attend a college with a fishing program.

Member since 2023

CYB Advisors

John Burgess

Youth Advisor

John and his wife, Tasha, have been running the Cincinnati Youth Bass Club for the past 5 years.  John handles all aspects of our tournaments and assists the members in running our meetings, selecting lakes to fish and planning the tournament schedule.  

He is a member of the Cincinnati Bassmasters where he was the Angler of the Year in 2020 and Rookie of the year in 2019.  

Tasha Burgess

Youth Advisor

Tasha handles the event planning, sponsorships and donations for Cincinnati Youth Bass.  

If you would be interested in volunteering for one of our tournaments, or have a Conservation / Community Service project that our youth members can participate in, please reach out. 

Contact Cincinnati Youth Bass Advisors at

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